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Bowen Therapy - Realign - Reset - Rebalance

Your wellbeing is important. 

We understand the difficulties of trying to find a treatment that works for you, we want to help you out of pain.

If you have tried everything else, try Bowen.


Feel better...Move better...Live better

Bowen Therapy in Action

During a Bowen session, a series of moves are performed on the body. The move is started over a group of muscles or tendon. The move is a light pulling back of the skin till there is no more give and then a firmer rolling motion forward. After each set of moves, a few moments of pause is needed where the practitioner leaves the treatment room to allow the body to integrate the moves and starts the process of healing.

A session generally lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Who Can Benefit From Bowen Treatments?

Newborns, new mothers, children to the elderly can benefit from Bowen Therapy. The wellbeing of those who are chronically ill or physically challenged can often feel improvement in their quality of life through regular treatments. 

The body is stimulated through very small moves which encourages the fascia to unwind and release tension and pain, 3 or 4 treatments are  sufficient in many cases to disturb pain patterns and introduce a new way of being.


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The Treatment - What to expect.

A Bowen session usually lasts about an hour. The treatment can be performed through light clothing and is gentle, calming, and relaxing.

The whole body is treated at the first session to start the self healing process and for the therapist to discern where there are problem areas.

The therapist will introduce the Bowen moves  to the body and after each set of moves the body is left alone for two minutes to give it time to rest and digest the information it has received. Clients often feel sensations in the body during the time the therapist leaves the room.

Post treatment information is given at the end of the session .

The optimal time between treatments is 7 days.

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