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Back Massage

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Why Bowen?

Bowen Therapy is a safe, gentle, effective remedial treatment for conditions such as back & neck pain, migraine and more.

Pain in any form can be debilitating, whether it's acute or chronic we are here to set you on a path to recovery.

Here at Dartmoor Bowen Clinic it is our objective to help reduce and relieve your discomfort enabling you to get on with you life.


Pain relief

Pain can be physical, emotional or neurological.

There is ongoing research into the effects of Bowen and neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Bells Palsy, and Stroke patients.

Mobile and computer use is a causative factor in back and neck pain due to the continuous forward head posture and poor ergonomics while working.

Many conditions are often resolved in as few as 3 to 4 weekly treatments if not less, certain chronic conditions may take longer.

Bowen is suitable for the new born to the frail and elderly.


Bowen & Fybromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Fatigue and now Long Covid are complex conditions, (the latter of course is a new phenomenon about which little is currently understood), however many of its symptoms appear similar to Fibromyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue.

Fybro bodies can be extremely sensitive and therapeutic intervention must be gentle and very much on a less is more basis. 

Bowen is showing promise as an effective treatment that offers help to ease the diverse symptoms that these illnesses present.


Bowen & Hormones

Hormones play a vital role in every aspect of our wellbeing. 

Hormone imbalances directly contribute to PMT, heavy or irregular periods, hot flushes, mood swings, fatigue, endometriosis, thyroid, vaginal dryness and much more. 

In men prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and low libido can be connected to hormonal problems.

Couples with difficulty conceiving have also turned to Hormonal Bowen Therapy to assist them on their path to parenthood. 

Cost of Treatments
Bowen Treatment

60 minutes. Please allow 75 minutes for your first appointment.

Children £20.00


Reiki 1   Shoden

Level 1 the First Degree and initiation into Reiki is open to anyone, primarily used for self healing/ self development and helping others.


Reflexology Treatment

60 minutes. Please allow 75 minutes for your first appointment. 

30 minutes £25.00


Reiki 2   Okuden

Level 2 Second Degree, deepens Reiki awareness and introduces contact to 3 sacred symbols and also instruction on how to perform distant healing.


Bespoke Aromatherapy Massage 
using Organic Essential Oils

60 minutes. Please allow 75 minutes for your first appointment. 

30 minutes £30.00


Reiki 3  Shinpiden

Level 3 the Third Degree introduces the master symbol. Becoming a Master Teacher enables you to pass on Reiki to students. 


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