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Room Hire Contract Terms & Conditions

Room 1 (Small and cosy}


Ad Hoc.

£6 an hour (invoiced at the end of each month)


Monthly contract. (minimum 3 months contract)

£20 half day, £80 per month.

£35 full day, £140 per month.

Payable by Direct Debit to clinic.


Room 2   (Large and airy}  

Ad Hoc.

£8 an hour (invoiced at the end of each month}

Monthly contract (minimum 2 months)

£25 half day, £100 per month.

£40 full day, £160 per month.

Payable by Direct Debit to clinic.

With a monthly contract you are the sole user of the

room each week at your chosen day and time.

Half day is 4 1/2 hours. full day is 8 1/2 hours.

If you don't use all your hours in the week they can't be

carried over to the following week, however if you need to

make random bookings outside of your allocated slot

in the same week and you haven't used all your hours

there will be no extra charge for these hours.

Room one is on the ground floor it has a treatment couch

and is snug. It is used for all couch based therapies.


Room 2 is located upstairs. The  room is large and airy and is

suitable all types of body work and talk therapies.

Including small groups and meetings.

Ad Hoc cancellations without notice may include 50% charge

Please leave rooms as you found them.


Room hire includes heating, sanitizers, couch roll, tissues,

music system, use of kitchen and hot drinks.

Copies of practitioner’s qualifications and insurance

documents are requested and kept on file.

Your data will not be shared and is stored securely.


Practitioners are entirely responsible for the health and

safety of their clients and the clinic takes no responsibility

for individual practitioner’s clients.


The clinics Health and Safety policies are displayed in the

kitchen, where a First Aid kit and Fire Extinguisher are also available.


covid 19


Please invite clients to sanitise hands on entry to the clinic, masks should be worn.

thermometer is available for temperature check on clients. 

There is a QR code displayed in the clinic.

The toilet is sanitized throughout the day.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the couch and all surfaces should be sanitized between clients. (Surface sanitizer provided.)


Term & Conditions Contract
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